13 February 2011


As a military family, constantly moving from place to place, it's important to create some family traditions that you can keep going no matter where you live.  Each year for Valentine's Day, (and much to the chagrin of my husband who every year complains that this is a made up holiday, isn't real, Hallmark made it up to make $$), I make valentine's day fun for the kids.  Sometimes I try to surprise them.  Occasionally I've gone to the school and hidden something in their lockers or desks, or hidden small treats in their lunch boxes.  This year I'm making valentine garland to hang from their doorways, so that when they wake up and open their doors they'll see a curtain of hearts- pink and purple and red for my daughter of course, but light blue, green and true blue for the boys.  Most years I get a small stuffed animal for the kids, and this year I found some nice ones- each one different from the other- to hang from their doors as well. 
Traditions, no matter how silly or serious, can make memories that will last forever no matter where you lived.

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