12 February 2014

the waiting goes on...

The promotion list was sent to the OSD, but theyve pushed back the timing to end of Feb/early March.

patience is not one of my fortes

04 February 2014

Being a "Modern" Mother

Yesterday on Morning Joe, they had a guest who spoke of Modern Parenting.  And I found myself fascinated, more so than the previous story on the Chris Christie mess.

I felt so un-alone (is that even a word?) in my current mothering-stage!! Being a mother to a teenage daughter is hard. Add Aspergers to the mix and things get real ugly at times. That's whats been going on in my house- I'm the worst parent ever and don't know anything about anything- even though I have the college education (not to mention the life experience) to back me up. Frustrating to say the least. But I keep smiling and hope that the next hour gets a little bit better and that the mood of my teenagers is more pleasant than before. :)

02 February 2014

Will post more soon

I haven't forgotten this blog, honest! Things have been a little busy, crazy, confusing. As our military career winds down (it's been 19+ yrs!) and we try to think about life outside of the Air Force, we get nervous and anxious. 
Yet there could still be a couple more assignments in store so we're waiting for the promotion list to come out this month. One more promotion means a few more years in the military. 

So more to come ...