17 April 2014

One more year

(Sigh) ... It was a little disappointing to not see hubby's name on official promotion list today. It's a one year below the zone so we have another year to promote.  He had an awesome stratification, just not awesome enough I suppose. 
His father is still going through chemo and radiation and hopefully he'll be getting a stem cell transplant in a week. That being said, our humanitarian assignment could leave us here another year or we could end up getting a call to go anywhere at anytime, so we wait and see what another year brings us...

10 April 2014


It was a long weekend for our family. After many months of talking out various scenarios and many prayers regarding our family's future, we've decided to continue our AF adventures and see what military life brings us over the next few years. 
We are currently serving outside OSI command right now.  (Many thanks to those AF personnel who helped us find an assignment close to hubby's father while he undergoes extreme cancer treatments!)

Our oldest son has also been making decisions over the last few months. He's in his Junior year of HS right now and was recent accepted to a state college for his senior year- a great opportunity to knock out some GE courses before his freshman year of college. He's also been accepted to a military academy's summer program, is wait listed for another, been nominated to Boys State, has decided to forgo a high paying summer job to continue working at BSA summer camp, and is growing up way too fast for his mom. :) 
Our Aspergers daughter has decided to try and get a music degree after HS since that's what she loves to do- she's a talented pianist!! We are excited for her and hope this could lead to a future in her own and successful employment and a happy life. But this is the start- the decision to do something and to start to setting goals.
And our 10 year old has decided to keep being a 10year old and not make any decisions at all. :). He will go to scout camp- his first away from home camp- an will continue to play lacrosse and may even try his hand at a ski camp. He's learned to ski this year and is amazing!! He's skied double black diamond trails several times, loves moguls, and doesn't like to leave the slope style terrain parks when the days is done. 

So instead of being upset that the Colonel's promotion list has onceagain been delayed (to mid to late April), we are ok waiting a little longer. Retirement job/plans can wait for a few more years, just as I had made peace with the whole idea of finally settling down. :)

06 April 2014

Delayed again!

Now they say the list will be out mid to late April. Ugh!!!