23 September 2011

Freshman Football

Football is a rough sport no matter who's playing or at any level. But high school freshman seem to get the worst of it. ONE was in practice this week when one of their lineman was injured. He broke his leg in three places. All clean breaks so no surgery was needed but three! Twice in the fibia an once in the tibia. Am I glad he's in 2nd string on doesn't get a lot if playing time? I'm not sure. This kid was on 3rd string defense playing against the 1st string offense. In any case he's having fun.

Homecoming is this weekend. Do you remember you're homecomings in high school?

22 September 2011

An OSI Wife

You know you're an OSI Wife when ...
you hear your husband laughing on his blackberry and you don't ask what was so funny
you walk into your bedroom and he walks out because he's on his blackberry... again ... having a work conversation
I never get that moment of the day when the hubby comes home and tells you all about his day and the craziness that occurred.   I'm lucky if he makes it for dinner most nights.  And I've learned to ignore the late night calls that require him to get up and leave because "something's come up".

I just wanted to vent a little.

12 September 2011

10 years later

There have been several memorial specials, ceremonies, and speeches about he 10 year anniversary of 9/11. I had a very tender moment with THREE. THREE is 8 and was not around when 9/11 occurred and hasn't heard very much about the events of that day.

But we had a chance to talk- TWO, THREE and I, yesterday before church. We talked about who Al-Qaeda is, who bin Laden was, and how the day is a solemn day to remember the many people who lost their lives. We talked about Flight 93. I was so very proud to tell my children of the great heroes on that flight who took it upon themselves to do something great in a dire situation. How they knew there was no way to avoid their own deaths and decided to be selfless and save the lives of so many others.

09 September 2011

Reason to Believe

I'm a big Morning Joe fan and wanted to share this video.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

06 September 2011

"Penciled In"

We've been told about a "penciled in" assignment.  Wasn't one we were hoping for and quite frankly I'm surprised since it's another deployment.  Did they see that he just came back from a 15 month unaccompanied less than a year ago?

"Service First" is the military mantra.  It's just a lot harder to stomach for a Military Spouse.