03 February 2011

Military Clause

It's always nice to know that companies are willing to work with military families. I just took advantage of the new AT&T special ($49 for new iPhone 3GS) and moved from an individual plan to a family plan with my husband. There's a possible deployment in a year or two and I didn't want to be stuck with a $300 cancellation fee in case my husband had to go overseas. 

One of the many things a military spouse has to think about sometimes on a daily basis- military clauses. It's not enough that we live with the fear of a call at any time to deploy but our daily lives revolve around them. Making sure each new contact has a military clause whether it's the new lease of the home, a utility, Internet or cable, or new cell phone agreement. And not everyone has such clause already built into their contracts, and you have to make a big fuss to get one.

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