25 February 2011

Being an OSI Wife

Being a Military Spouse is one thing- a demanding job of itself.  But being an OSI Wife is an even more arduous job.  I've always thought they should give out Hazardous Duty Pay to OSI Wives. Why?  Here are just a few of the perils of be an OSI Wife.

  • You never know what your husband does each day. Asking about his day will never get you an real answer.  I've learned over the years that an OSI wife's best qualification is to be a listener.  Don't ask any questions, just listen when he needs to vent and be ok with that.
  • You have to learn to live with late night calls that require him to get up and leave without explanation, calls in the middle of date night or family dinner, and watching him spend more time on his Blackberry than with the kids. 
  • He may not always be home at the end of the work day.  There are days when he won't be home 'til 10pm.  And then up again at 6am the next morning.
  • You won't make very many friends with the other military spouses and definitely not with the military members themselves.  Once they find out your husband is OSI forget being invited to the block BBQ.
  • You'll come across those other wives who want the inside on whatever is happening on base or in the community. They will try every way to get you to "spill the beans".  Then there are the wives that want to pass on info on someone else. No matter how many times you urge them to go to the OSI office and fill out a report (or whatever it is you do when you want to leak info on someone else).   
Over the years I've coined a title for myself that I share with other OSI wives.  I'm just a "Dumb OSI Wife".  Maybe I should make T-shirts and share them with the other OSI Wives I know.  I don't know anything, and I don't want to know, so don't ask me.


  1. Hello!
    My husband is trying to get into OSI. There are very few (none) that I know of on the base we are stationed at that I can talk to aout this career field. I would LOVE it if you could give me the low-down on being an AFOSI wife. Especially the pros and cons, the hard things I need to expect. That is, the hard things beyond simply being married into the military, ya know? I would really appreciate the feedback.
    Thank you so much!

  2. I too am an OSI wife and have been for a long time! It's not for everyone and it's not something that can really even be grasped by civilians! I don't do facebook or twitter but would love to chat with you sometime. However, I didn't see a way to contact you other than commenting on here.