20 March 2013

Return from Afghanistan

This is about a week old. I apologize for not blogging sooner. Things were a bit crazy for a while an still are as I try to get paperwork moving though EFMP channels to get orders for hubby.
Here is his last update. I will update as things move along and we prepare for a new PCS.
(There are a lot of XXX's. Being an OSI wife for so long OPSEC is never too far from the mind.)

I got back from Afghanistan Friday before last.  The circumstances were a bit unexpected, but it is all working out.I received a red cross notification indicating that my father was not well and advising I should return immediately.  From communication with my brother, it appeared to be pancreatic cancer. 
I was a bit worried about trying to get out and there was a long delay while my leadership there tried to haggle with the Air Force to get a replacement lined up. I wasn't really all that interested in that debate, but finally prayers broke the barriers down and I quickly got permission to return, had my assignment to XXX moved up to April and headed out on a flight.  Every step of the way I was met by folks who got me exactly where I needed to be and after a little more than a day of traveling I made it back to XXXX.  As I was being picked up by Mrs L, I got an email from my brother saying it looked to be lymphoma, a much more treatable form of cancer.  I am so thankful for a safe return and while the circumstances are not ideal, I have seen many blessings poured out through prayers on my behalf.
I flew out last Tuesday to be with my Dad.  I'll return for Spring Break with the kids, head back for a house hunting trip XXX with Mrs L, then plan on staying out there to work and visit with my Dad and family on weekends to see how I can help.  I'll come back in June when school is out to help Mrs L and the kids drive out to XXXX.
Warmest Regards