24 February 2011

Inspired and Uplifted

My husband and I attended an Air Force Awards Banquet last night.  It was nice to get out among other military couples.  We don't often get the chance to attend events like this- husband's command doesn't fall under a numbered AirForce so get-togethers are a rarity.  If we have them they are at the detachment level and usually a BBQ.
Last night's event was a Black Tie/Mess Dress event.  There's something to be said about seeing your husband in military mess dress with all the medals he earned, a bow tie and cummerbund.
The guest speaker was the former Chief of the Air Force. He was both inspiring and encouraging.  the night reminded me of the several dinners we attended while my husband was on the Joint Staff.  The caliber of men that the leaders of our Armed Forces are extraordinary.  They are great men who inspire the men under them to be equally as great.  They are extremely patriotic- with a love of country reminiscent of the great leaders of the Revolution.  They are intelligent- men of great understanding and learning.  They are generous with their praise- encouraging those in harms way or preparing for deployments. They are altruistic- I think of Wounded Warrior projects founders.
I came away with a greater sense of pride in my husband's association in the Air Force.  With a better determination to make a difference- to better help the spouses in my husband's command.

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