05 November 2012

Week 17 from AFG

Not much to report from here this week. I found myself fighting pitched battles within our own staff. Contention is never constructive. Hopefully we will all end up on the same page and can move forward in a more unified direction, but I fear that due to ulterior motives and capacity issues we will have some more train wrecks ahead. My job here is kind of like being a conductor; I don't actually control anything, I just try to direct all the disparate efforts of some 40 nations and a variety of US units spread throughout the country within three levels of command. I sit at the **** headquarters, but there is also **** headquarters and ******* running divisions underneath all of that. Anyway, not sure I got much good done this week.

[I got] a case of tendonitis in the elbow. I've had it before, and this go around, its been pretty consistent for the last six weeks or so, but it has been getting more and more painful. I had to stop my normal workout routine and shift to pure cardio to keep off the elbow. I love to run, but our headquarters is the size of a postage stamp and I hate to run on treadmills. But its probably going to take a couple of weeks to heal, so I've been getting on the machines.

Probably more interesting stories in my email next week.

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