24 November 2012

Thanksgiving Day Surprise

I would have posted a pic of the finished turkey but we had an unexpected surprise Thursday morning. I went out to get some supplies from the garage and saw water leaking from the water heater. Not totally busted but enough to have to call a plumber. I called Roto Rooter and there was going to be a 2 hr wait and a $1290 charge for new heater. I remembered a friend from church was apprenticing as a plumber. He came over right away and we got the water pipes cut off so we could at least I've water during the holiday. We decided to buy the heater Friday morning.

Thanks to Black Friday and a 15% military discount we got good deal on a water heater from Lowe's for $360. That plus a couple fittings put it around $420.
So we were very thankful this thanksgiving for good friends. This friend also helped when my sons minivan needed some minor repairs. His wife and I were able to sit and have some fun conversation while her husband worked.

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