22 November 2012

Turkey and Stuffing

This year was the biggest turkey I've ever cooked- 28.4 lbs.
Every year my kids look forward to helping me make parts of the dinner. They always help me with the stuffing. It's an old family recipe passes down from my mother and her mother and grandmother.
4 loaves bread
Celery and onion diced
2 lbs. Sausage
2-3 eggs
Chicken broth
Poultry seasoning and pepper to taste

The kids love to break up the bread into bit size pieces into large brown bags.

Cook sausage.
Sauté the celery and onions together.
Mix sausage and veggies together. Set aside. Watch out for little hands wanting to taste the mix.
Mix bread, eggs, sausage, chicken broth and poultry seasoning and pepper- letting the kids get their hands a little mushy is always fun.
Stuff turkey and save some for extra pan.

I cook my turkey (wrapped in foil in foil roasting pan) over night with the oven set at 250*F although this big bird probably could have gone to 275*F as it took a little longer than usual to get this turkey cooked all the way. I start at 10pm and usually at 6 or 7am it's ready to take the foil off and brown.
(Put a drip pan underneath to catch any dripping)

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