28 July 2012

New Habits

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. It's been 22 days since DH deployed. Before deployment I looked forward to our end of day conversations and movie nights on Netflix with a box of Dots or a bag of Dibbs.

That's all changed and I can now say I'm getting better at the lonely nights and better at finally getting to sleep before midnight. I don't watch movies anymore in bed nor do I enjoy the snacks. It's crazy- Dots don't taste the same. Most nights I'm able to get to sleep around 11 or 11:30pm. My brain has finally made the connection that those precious alone moments are on hold for a while. I'm also more at ease in the evenings. At first I found myself on edge with the kids around bed time. I figure it was my unconscious self trying to figure out why things are going like they usually do.

Our conversations are now in the morning via Skype when he's back in his room after a long day of work. Mostly we IM via Skype.  He can't talk openly very often because of the lack of privacy when you share a room with another soldier.

DH is doing well. He's finally in a permanent room and only has one roommate. He no longer has to deal with the top bunk and finally has a place to unpack. He and his roommate have a room they've been able to section off using their wardrobes for some privacy, but it's still a one room and there is no way for a conversation to be much of a private one. He's found time after his morning workout and before heading out to breakfast to Skype alone in the room. The bed has springs poking out so we sent him a mattress pad. The pillow feels like a bunch of rags in a small bag, so we sent a new pillow.  He won't need a comforter set until the weather gets cooler.  His roommate doesn't do a lot of laundry so we sent some Febreeze.  We sent some framed pictures of the kids and myself to remind him of home. He forgot some professional gear, so we sent that as well.  He also wanted some protein powder and some zone bars for snack during the long working hours.  The mess hall isn't open all the time.  And since he can stream some videos, we sent some Dots and Swedish Fish- his favorites.

Me? I'm reading more, finding fun things to crochet for my sister who is having a baby girl in August, getting ONE ready for the drivers' test in September, and finding ways to break up the summer boredom for TWO and THREE. My brain has finally re-wired itself to accept new routines, new habits.

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