30 July 2012

Flat Daddy in the House

Official OSI Photo
Much to the chagrin of ONE, our Flat Daddy(FD) is here.
It took us a while to get it assembled. I was working with the two younger kids- all thumbs those two.We used his official OSI photo, that's why you see the flag on the side.

As an OSI agent, hubby doesn't wear the standard military uniform- even though his is an active duty AF officer. Instead OSI has their own "agent attire"- business suits, and occasionally khakis and a polo, depending on operational needs. So even  though our FD doesn't look like the one you see on the news or in YouTube videos (men in their ACUs), our FD looks just like our Dad.

ONE is not happy. He doesn't like FD. I don't know why?! :)  He doesn't want it anywhere where his friends will see it. Even though a few of his friends totally think its cool! He gets really upset when we talk about bringing it to wrestling and lacrosse games, to scouting events and may even have FD sit in on dinner. Maybe we'll take a picture of him sleeping with FD by his bed :)

 It's funny now that FD is here I have to do a "double take" when I see him out of the corner of my eye.
stuck it to a foam board
Life Size Flat Daddy


  1. I have heard of these, but I have never gotten one. I'm a military wife too and will definitely have to keep this in mind for the next deployment. Where did you get it?

    New follower from the GFC Blog Hop!


    1. I don't know how I stumbled upon this website, but here it is.

      Follow the link to Request at FlatDaddy and fill out the contact fields and in the comments tell her why you would like/need a FD. You should hear from Elaine in a couple days about your request.