11 July 2012


Took Hubby 5 days to get to his assignment in Afghanistan.  That's a lot faster than other stories I've heard of travel to Afghanistan by other military members.

12 months and 3 days left to go. :)  The kids are having fun marking down the deployment calendar we have up on the wall in the dining room.  Today TWO and THREE wrote down "Daddy got to Afghanistan, we went out to eat on base for free."
The base sponsors a buffet style dinner for families of deployed servicemen once a month- go get together and meet other deployed families, to meet the staff of the Family Readiness Center, and the USO had some fun things for the kids- a movie, puzzle/coloring books, stuffed animals, snacks.  THREE walked away with 3 cartons of Pringles, TWO received 2 stuffed animals, and we got Eragon, the movie.  I haven't seen it so it will be a first for me this weekend.  
TWO gorged on french fries and corn dogs, THREE had popcorn chicken and corn dogs, and both had ice cream for dessert. I had a nice baked pollack filet and a great salad.  It was nice to not have to cook.  We couldn't stay long- piano lessons were rescheduled for tonight instead of Thursday.  ONE is out at High Adventure scout camp this week, so he missed out this month.

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