13 May 2011

What Not To Do

DH and I stayed up late the other night watching Strategic Air Command, a 1955 movie starring Jimmy Stewart and June Allyson.  A professional baseball player (Stewart) is re-called to AF Active Duty and assigned to the Strategic Air Command.  His wife has some adjustments to make and watching as an AF wife- it made me laugh at all the things a new AF spouse should NOT do.
  • don't call your husband 20 times a day
  • don't show up unannouced at the front gate without an ID
  • don't show up at your hubby's boss' office demanding to know where your husband is
  • don't chew out your hubby's boss
  • don't kiss your hubby in the Gnereral's office
  • and many more.
It's a cute movie and a fun watch.

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