07 May 2011

The MilSpouse

I've been reading of an Army Spouse/Husband and he has a post that is so REAL! 

The Silent Ranks are saluted
I find one of the more difficult aspects of being a MILspouse is the unknown. I think with a little time the unknown of where you live next year can be overcome. I feel that the unknown of what time your service member will be home after leaving for PT can be dealt with. I think after a few years under your belt knowing a CQ/staff duty day can randomly appear is surmountable. It's all those other unknowns that can literally bring the most sain of people to the brink of insanity. Not knowing if deployment is coming quicker than anticipated. Not knowing if you can make plans for the weekend, especially when it involves a day that is significantly important to the marriage and/or family. And then of course there is the great unknown. Not knowing if there will be a knock on your door. Not knowing if as you try to rest your eyes at night(because you don't really sleep you just rest as a MILspouse during deployment) if at that same moment your service member is caught in a fire fight. Not knowing if you will hear from your service member after just hearing on CNN that the base they are at received casualties. You sit by the phone knowing it won't ring because they are in a blackout until all family members are notified. Not knowing if you should try to go to bed or if the instant messenger icon may pop up when they log on so you can chat, knowing you don't know when you may hear from them again. Not knowing if during singing happy birthday to your child the SKYPE connection will be lost. For the female MILspouse's not knowing if you may have to endure the rigors of child birth alone. Thousands of miles from the father of your child. Time zones away from family. An eternity away from anyone you would consider a friend.

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