06 May 2011


Last minute liaison get together with the FBI. Kind of a combined going away for one of our own who worked on several occasions with the local FBI field office.
Things like this are better to deal with now that our eldest is old enough to babysit the younger two. Although it throws a bit of a wrench into the established routine. Our Aspergers child doesn't do well with sudden schedule changes. (More on that subject later.)  
Why is it when you go to functions where there are more than one group of people coming together, that no one mingles from one group to the other?
I was a little late getting to the "going away".  The FBI hosted the event to show appreciation to this particular agent for his hard work in cooperating with the FBI on several cases.  And yet the OSI agents were all at one table and the FBI guys were at another.  A few of the FBI spouses didn't even come close to the 2 OSI spouses who were there.  It was a little disheartening.
A lot of times we OSI spouses are on the outside because of who our husbands are and what they do- they often don't know our husband's rank and our husbands are the ones that investigate other AF personnel so you don't want to say or do anything to make OSI "suspicious".  So it's hard to make real friends on base with other spouses from other organizations.  We tend to stick together.  I've found it a lot of fun recently, to meet the other spouses in the community, to read from their blogs, to talk with them at base activities.  We OSI wives shouldn't wait for an invitation- just get out there. 

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