19 March 2011

Game Day

Our youngest son had his first baseball game this afternoon. It was a blustery day, yet that didn't deter his enthusiasm. He was the head cheer-leader in the duggout- cheering each players turn at the bat. It was nice to hear them yell for each of their teammates. He was able to hit the ball each time at bat and in the last inning he caught a fly after the first bounce and threw it to 1st to make the last out of the game. They don't keep score in the Rookie Division, but our team won by two. :)

Our eldest son had a great lacrosse game, too. He scored one of 7 goals, and nearly got ejected from the game for an out of control swing of his stick- he has a bit of a temper and he was tripped and stepped on and as he came out of the roll he swung his stick with one hand- a very poor sportsman like move, not to mention a one handed swing is illegal in boys lacrosse. But he got himself under control and was able to finish a good game.

Whew! A bit of a crazy afternoon, very windy and colder than expected, but we made it to both games while DH had a nice daddy-daughter date.

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