21 July 2011

New Military ID

It's been in the news for while now- the new dependent military IDs. No longer will they display the sponsor's social security number or the dependent's social. Which is a long needed change. I could never understand why they needed the dependent's social when everything was done under the sponsor's. I'm glad for the new change. Now can they do something about the awful black and white cameras they use? Talk about unforgiving! Anyway ... my ID was going to expire soon. So I planned a day when hubby wasn't in meetings and after sports camp so ONE could babysit. At every base we've been stationed, getting a new ID has been a nightmare. Usually taking at least an hour- not to mention the only time hubby has, since he sponsor has to be there, is around lunch time. We were amazed when we walked into Pass & ID this afternoon. No one was there! We picked up a number from the automated kiosk and were called right away. It took less than 10 minutes! But then we wondered about the 4 employees who were simply standing around doing nothing. Oh well... I have my new ID and got to go out to eat with my husband.

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