19 July 2011

I love Skype

Someone asked me today how we communicated throughout hubby's deployment.  I was happy to report that we were quite lucky in that we were able to call every morning for family prayer (his lunch time), and "Skyped" later during my lunchtime (his evening).  Email was always a special thing for us.  I've saved all of hubby's emails (love notes) and have them in a binder.  It's one of my most treasured keepsakes.
I remember talking with my Mom during hte deployment- she's a retired Army wife.  She says we are so lucky today to have the technology to communicate almost instantly.  She shared stories of how she would wait for the mail for 2 weeks before getting word from my Dad once he left on extended exercises. She shared how one of my sisters would sit at her window crying for Daddy and once he got back wouldn't speak to him because she was mad that he left. 
I've read stories of families of WWI and WWII veterans who would wait months to receive word from their husbands and loved ones.

How do you guys communicate with your Sig Others during deployments? Do you write love letters?

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