07 July 2013


I guess a Military Family isn't always settled, but things are starting to shape together.  My kitchen remodel is done and I love it!

The kids each have their own rooms set up the way they want, the office still needs some time to get things set up the way I want, but that's going to come piece by piece as I find some antique furnishings for that room.  There's an extra room on the 3rd floor that needs some pieces, as well as a new bed.  We ordered a new bed for THREE from WalMart.  We bought a memory foam mattress and it is lovely!  I've been going in there after folding and putting clothes away to just lay down on the mattress.

Anyway... I guess I haven't told you about our new house. It's a four story (if you include the basement) Victorian on a hill. We have a fabulous view from the big front porch and the big windows in the living room. 

We are so glad tone away from the heat in Vegas. About a week after we left an oppressive heat wave rolled in. 129• last week! Even with the pool out back we would've been miserable!  
It's been raining the first couple of weeks here but yesterday was beautifully sunny!!

Little by little we're making a home. 

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