05 June 2013

Culture and geographic 180•

We're moving from one extreme to another. I did this when I was an Army brat and I didn't like it and was miserable. I'm really going to have to find ways to make this move and our stay at new place fun and happy. 
Weather where we are now:

Weather where we're moving to:

Going from a metropolis to a town of 6000 (a # which includes the university students) Yikes! 

There is no fast food- which is a good thing.  There's no movie theatre, no Walmart, no orthodontist in town- those are a couple towns over.  Closest base is 2.5 hours away so no more bimonthly commissary trips, maybe once a month if we're going out that way to take advantage of any kind of civilization. :)

The kids may not be the only ones who will have a hard time. 


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  2. Hi there! New follower! We're an AF family who just went through a 12 month deployment, well actually 444 days apart but who's counting right?! ;p