16 August 2012

Day in the life of OSI Agent

I've had a few questions about being an OSI wife and what all that entails.  Several have seen my post from Feb 2011  Here's a good article from the OSI website about what an agent does.

A day in the life of Barksdale AFB OSI agents

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  1. I am the wife of retired Air Force who was an OSI agent. We retired in 1990. I am also an AF brat...and yes...military is in my blood. I just came across your blog and enjoyed reading your posts. It's interesting how different duty with OSI is different now (with all the deployments, etc) than it was for my husband and myself. We had our fair share of TDY's but not like what you now experience. I will come back to read more of your posts...And prayers for your husband and your whole family as you face new challenges. Cheryl Runyon