22 June 2012

Summer Camps

This year ONE is playing lacrosse on a local Starz team, hoping to get some exposure to make West Coast Starz.  That take a lot of wall ball, hitting the ball against the rebounder in the back yard.  We've already heard a complaint from a backyard neighbor asking that they don't start until 10am.  THREE also plays lacrosse and is in a clinic for younger players through beginning of July.  We'll probably try another session to keep him busy.

I just dropped off ONE with the rest of the team and they've boarded a bus to a Lax Tournament in San Diego (Coronado Island, one of our favorite places!) this weekend.  It should be fun.  He's rooming with another good kid from school and church.

Hubby is away at training for 2 weeks.  Not getting much comm time but we're making it work.  We were a bit spoiled in 2009 when he had 15 month unaccompanied assignment.  We were able to Skype twice a day.  Once in the morning when we had family prayer and then at lunch time for me- dinner time for him.
I'm not sure we'll  be so lucky this time.

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