09 August 2011

Gone But Never Forgotten

I was reading TheArmyWife(DUDE) this afternoon and came across this:
"Often forgotten are the children who live this life. Just today I read about a 10 yr old Kansas City boy who was begging that his father be spoken of. His dad had died over the weekend in the crash that killed 30 service members. Most notably a group of Navy SEALS. Yet this boy's dad, who was the pilot of the helicopter, was barely a blip on the screen to the media that delivers what our life looks like.(SCRATCH THAT..... tries to portray what they think America wants our life to look like)-that helicopter pilot was as valuable to the defense of our country as any one of those SEALS, yet his name is only now being known because this young man wanted everyone to know the hero his father was and IS!"

Just as we mourn the loss of so many of the mighty and brave SEALS, let's not forget the others who went down with them.

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  1. Gosh, another post that hits too close to home. I actually live in Kansas City and this is all over the news. I have to change the channel every time. It makes me think of my kids and that's painful.