27 August 2011

Back to School

Although I will readily admit I am very much looking forward to the kids going back to school, there is a part of me that is a little sad. My kids are growing up too fast. ONE is just beginning high school and is already 1.5" taller than I. TWO is going into 7th grade and will have to find a way to get to school on time without One making sure that focus is not lost. And THREE is going into 3rd grade and not so interested in holding my hand in public anymore. And then theres the dreaded back to school shopping. I've been putting it off until the absolute last minute. Hubby and I are going on date night tonight and will tackle the two lists I have now. ONE will most likely come home with a long, expensive list on Monday. As the kids grow that leaves more time for me during the day. I'm finally at that stage in life where I can think about some of the things I've been waiting to do but couldn't because there were small kids at home. I really need to get back to scrapbooking. Three sees all the books I've done for ONE and TWO. I stopped about the time THREE turned one because life got too crazy- husband deployed, new house, new school, trying to help the kids make new friends, small toddler getting into everything, etc. Three is now 8 and I have a ton of pictures I need to put into a binder so it doesn't look like I forgot about them. With back to school comes the back to real cleaning. During the summer months I have the kids take a more active role in helping clean the house. Mondays, during school, are my cleaning days, but I'm honking of moving that to Fridays so the house is fairly clean during the weekends. What are the things you look forward to/dread when back to school rolls around?

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