27 January 2011

Mormon and Military

It wasn't until tonight that I realized how hard it is to be Mormon and Military.  My husband often works late- a new case can't be put off until morning.  But tonight, as many other nights before, he worked late and then had to take care of church stuff.  There is an older widow in our ward (congregation) who is moving into a smaller place and needs help with the actual move. Tonight after getting off work he headed straight to the church to make some phone calls to other members who might be able to help this weekend. He didn't get home until 8:30.  One child was already in bed, the eldest told him of his day while he ate, and after eating he went right in to read to the youngest before it got too late.

It was 10 when we finally had our own time, and watch an episode of Psych on Netflix.

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