24 April 2013

One step closer to PCSing

Movers are coming today to evaluate our household stuff. One step closer too moving day. The kids are in a bit of a melancholy state. I'm sad for them. I grew up an Army Brat and didn't like moving either and it was especially hard moving between sophomore and junior years of HS as my son will.
I look back and am grateful for the opportunities moving around have me to put myself out there, introduce myself, make new friends, enjoy new places.

But it's not hard and every event that brings moving day closer is hard. Which is why I treated them to Krispy Kreme donuts.

ONE had a lax game down south where the KK store is. We don't often get around that way so when we do we make a point of stopping and getting the double dozen deal. The lax game was a tough loss. But ONE was able to get another hat trick (three goals).

Anyway... PCSing is hard. So I try when I can to make things fun and memorable.

17 April 2013

Military in our Blood

Does military service run in the family?

Flash Back to a time when my Dad was in 82nd Airborne, stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC.

I married an AF Officer, and now ONE hopes to one day serve.


Finding the actual TMO office on base was harder than scheduling the dates I wanted.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.  The staff were very helpful in estimating my household weight- does anyone really know who much household weight they have?

Anyway... not much else I can do except pick up medical records but don't want to do that until a lot closer to move date- after school gets out.  Finally got EFMP paperwork complete and we are officially cleared for travel. Crazy how that whole process works- we're only going stateside.

13 April 2013

MilSpouse Friends Every Military Spouse Needs


07 April 2013

Another Hero

Soldier recovering from TBI receives Silver Star then re-enlists.


06 April 2013


I apologize. It's been a while since I had time to post. And since hubby is back there haven't been any weekly updates from AFG either.
So let's catch up...

Hubby received a Red Cross notification of his dads poor health. The dr recommended the servicemember return home as soon as possible. The initial diagnosis was pancreatic cancer.
Hubby wasn't sure what to do. He was coming out for r&r anyway in a few days and wasn't sure whether he should skip the trip with the family to the beach for spring break or simply take his R&R to see his dad.

Side Note: Our follow on assignment (after this deployment was a humanitarian to be close to hubby's dad bc we knew his heart wasn't doing well).

He knew by the time he got back to AFG there would only be 3 months left so he asked a out a curtailment. OSI was happy to help out and worked to get him orders home. The ISAF staff was also very helpful. But there was still the question about whether he needed to wait for a replacement or could leave right away. And when was the next flight out etc.. Thanks to his boss who happened to be a 2 Star- a confusing situation became less so by simply making a call and telling someone to "make it happen". Hubby was met and given the red carpet treatment all along the way home.

He was able to get home to start the process for new RNLT date and orders to new assignment, then went out to see his dad for 10 days.

After what I have no doubt was due to power of prayers by many on his behalf, his dads condition improved and the dr were able to regulate his heart as well as get his symptom properly treated and diagnosed. He is now diagnosed with lymphoma and his heart is now stable, albeit still at a low functioning percent.

Hubby was able to return to have spring break with us at the beach on Coronado and is now geo-batch'ing it at his new assignment until we catch up with him when school let's out. We were finally able to get our EFMP clearance (which was a nightmare in and of itself) and WE HAVE ORDERS!!

So in the next couple of weeks I get to set up household pack out dates and look around for new drs and dentists.

Much thanks goes out to the many who helped move things quickly in at a pace I've never seen the military move. And to the many who said prayers on our behalf over the last 8 months.

Even though he's not here with us, we are grateful to a safe return of husband and father. We still pray for the safety of all those still serving in all areas of Afganistan and Iraq today.