04 November 2013

Casualty Notification

Hubby got a call this morning and was asked to go make a casualty notification. We are the closest active duty to the family. He's only done this once before and that time it was by accident. He was asked to o to the airport to pick up a family member of an airman who had passed away. He didn't know this brother hadn't been told why he was coming out, and had to explain to the brother in the middle of the airport. Hubby was a little upset no one had told him that the brother didn't know. 

Anyway... He came home today to change into his dress blues. It's a sad thing to do. But hubby has had to meet with individuals before in his church service as a bishop so he's a little prepared. There's no active duty chaplain on campus here- just a guard chaplain. So he and a Capt. from the office are going together. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to this family.

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