04 October 2013

Special Needs in the Military

I think I've posted previously about our special needs child- Aspergers/ADHD/Anxiety Disorder. It's been such confusion over the last 8 years with a few scattered moments of clarity.
I've come to the conclusion that things are so much more difficult for special needs kids in the military than kids like them who aren't in the military. 

Once we get a psychiatrist who has done all the necessary testing and evaluations (which take months at a time) and start getting into a therapy (both medicinal and behavioral) routine its time to pack up and move again to the next base and start all over again. 

Our Aspie was diagnosed an Aspie by one clinician and according to another they didn't fit all the criteria for autism spectrum. Now we're in another new place and ADHD and Asperger diagnosis is back (not so much the anxiety). But now our Aspie is too old for pet therapy- which we still think would be fabulous to help with social skills training. 

Moving around every two years isn't easy and very frustrating. 

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