13 January 2013

Healthy Care Packages

I've been watching to see how long our packages take to get to hubby in Afghanistan. If I use the APO Priority boxes they take on average less than 10 days. So we decided to experiment. Hubby is on a NATO base and the chef there is Dutch. He says the food is aweful. And made a resolution to eat better this year. We've been sending tuna packets and crackers, but this time we sent peanut butter and honey and a loaf of bread. It was the high fiber kind. It got there in 8 days and in great condition! I was afraid the delivery time would be too long and the bread would start to go bad. The weather probably helped along with the cold weather in cargo hold at high altitude.
Hubby just emailed:
"They made it! Bread looks great. I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich--it was awesome!"

So don't be afraid to try and send healthy foods in your packages (healthy breads, peanut butter & honey, nuts, protein mix, balance bars, tuna, etc.), along with the comfort foods of cookies and candies.

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