09 December 2012

Week 22 from AFG

Another fairly quiet week. There was a sensational attack out east, and we had a hostage rescue overnight, but otherwise--nothing significant. We are at the end of the fighting season. They talk about fighting seasons out here because the border is so rugged with mountains and snow that folks tend to hunker down. So the "fighting season" is over, and though there will still be some attacks, it drops off a lot. It will pick up again in March.
Its starting to look a bit like Christmas. There is snow in the mountains and people have decorations up on their doors and in their offices. I got a box from home today that had a mini Christmas Tree in it that I set up next to my desk. It would be nicer if we had Christmas music playing all the time, but it doesn't really work for the office dynamic. It is times like this you miss home the most- the traditions and good family time.

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