01 October 2012

A monkey, banana creeps, and a walk

My first day in Belgium. The lady at the front desk told me it wasn't far to walk from the hotel to catch the bus downtown- I wanted to get some sightseeing in before hubby finished at his conference. Wasn't far turned into 2 1/2 miles down windy road with not shoulder and cars going really fast.
And there was no bus stop so I stopped at gas station and asked the attendant to call for taxi.
Got all the way downtown and first stopped at the tourist office to get a map and find out what I could easily so on foot. The lady very nicely old me I came on the wrong day bc all the museums are closes on Mondays. ??
She said I could go see the mayors gardens, rub the monkey for luck,and go shopping. I wondered why it was so deserted at 10:30am.
So I saw those two, took a pic of the monkey the gardens with were really small, had some great banana creeps, and started off to find a taxi back to hotel.
I walked and walked and walked until I ended up at the train station before I found a taxi. Made it back to hotel at 2:30pm and am now in desperate need of a nap- jet lag and walking catching up to me.
I'll post pics soon.

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