16 September 2012

Week 10 from Afghanistan

Hope all is well with you.  It has been a mixed week here.  We had a fairly significant attack down in Helmand Province, and also a couple more insider attacks from Afghans we are partnered with.  When you consider all the positive interactions that are occurring all over the country on a daily basis, this kind of thing is a statistical anomaly--but insurgents realize that it gets more media attention than roadside bombs, and it is the tactic de jure to try to break down popular support at home and cause distrust between coalition and Afghan forces. 
We have also been watching the unrest around the region with caution. 
It is sad that men find it necessary to debate through such offensive means as has been put forward in the Mohammed film.  It is also unfortunate that people react as they do. We are glad this hasn't picked up steam here yet, but it is something to watch.  The deaths in Libya are tragic; but when you look at the lives of the men killed there you have to be glad that such men lived at all.  There are so many good and great men working tirelessly to bring peace and order and stability to the world.  When they are lost, especially prematurely, we are saddened for their loss. When their lives are taken by force we may seek justice, but there will be justice soon enough.  What is wonderful is that such men live.  They are not just American.  There are great Afghans and Libyan and Egyptian and Chinese (etc)--men and women who sacrifice everything that they might make a difference in this lone and dreary world. 

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