30 May 2012

Pre Deployment Planning

Stayed up late last night planning a funeral.  No one's died, but those are some of the things MilSpouses have to talk about before a long deployment.  Those are some of the things pre-deployment planning involves.  I'm a planner, so having a plan in place before hand is something that is reassuring.  DH and I talked about
his favorite hymns, if he wanted a simple burial site ceremony or a memorial service as well.  He'll be buried at Arlington, where our infant son is buried, so we didn't have to think about a where.

It's stressful.  I'm totally worn out this morning! Emotionally draining. I've been looking online for craft activities for my teenage daughter who is already having a hard time with even the thought of Dad leaving.  She will need a lot of distractions. The boys have their sport and scout camps, but they'll need something as well when those finish up.

I found this fun article in my email this morning that lightened my mood.

You Know Your A Military Spouse When....
  • When you make a great friend, and then it never fails one of you moves halfway around the country or world!
  • When you finally get into a routine and adjust to a new schedule, then your husband changes shifts or you move to a new time zone, and you have to start all over again!
  • When you get to see your husband about 2 months out of the year. I could go on but those stand out the most to me.
  • When you get excited for the case lot sale on base.
  • When having your husband home on your birthday is “strange” and a reason to “do it big” because he might not be here next year.
  • When you find yourself Googling random Air Force bases because “Hey…you never know…we might be stationed there one day”.
  • When the longer you wait to wait to decorate the house, the more you tell yourself it is not worth it because it won’t last anyway.
  • When you secretly like being able to redecorate a new place every few years!!
  • When you’re searching for (American) change and all you can find is dirham and Euros!
  • When your husband is air-drying his jump boots on the windowsill haha :)
  • When you correct TV shows because they’re “doing it wrong” (e.g. I was watching Army Wives and the one woman started saluting as soon as Retreat started which, ya know, you don’t salute until the National Anthem)
  • You’re planning a long drive and note the nearby military bases to stay at while simultaneously racking your brain for old friend who are/were stationed there.

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