02 February 2012

New Month

I need to start looking for a new valentine idea for my kids. Every year I do something different for them when they wake up. Last year was fun. I'll let you know what I find.

Hubby is starting his deployment training and I'm now being forced to think seriously about what I'm going to do to prepare my kids, help them cope, and how to handle major issues that will come up while he's gone- mostly with our oldest.

One will be able to get a driver's licence this fall, will be allowed to start dating, will start a new school year all over again in the fall- it took a lot of coaching to teach him real study skills and to keep focused on the goal of getting into a service academy. Two will hopefully get back into mainstream school- now that we've finally gotten the ADHD in check. Three will continue with Little League this spring, maybe even Basketball in the fall.

But most of all, I'm starting to really think about how we can keep Dad involved in the kids' lives and vice verse. Last deployment I sent him with a bunch of cards and postcards for him to send to the kids for birthdays and just whenever. They really liked that. He'll be sharing a room with two other guys so Skyping maybe not so private. (Note to self: look for a headset with a microphone.)

What do I need? I think I'll be ok if I can make sure I have everything in order (I thrive on order and can't really function when things get too crazy). I need to make sure we keep up with our family prayers and scripture study. I need to make sure things go well at home- possibly taking some time with Two and Three in the evenings to go for a walk, to get out of the house, to talk. I've got a few good friends who I know will help out when/if I need it- one of those another military spouse. This blog may turn into a good form of therapy for me- dealing with a deployment- even though there are so many of those already on the web.

So enjoy the coming posts, or not.. :)

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