06 December 2011

Resilient Kids

I think Military kids are great! (Hey! I'm an Army brat and I think I turned out pretty good.) They are much more well rounded, in my opinion, than their civilian peers who live in the same town their whole life. Military kids move around and get to see different parts of the country and learn about different ways of life. If they're really lucky they get to live in some great places in other countries! Military kids seem to have a greater appreciation of a global community.

My kids are great! I love them. Hubby and I sat them down over the Thanksgiving holdiday to talk with them about a deployment coming up next summer. I think ONE knew a little bit (he likes to eaves drop), was confused on where; TWO had a total melt down and refused to talk with anyone for a while; and THREE took it all in stride- asked when, where, how long, and off he went to play basketball out front with friends.

Hubby asked the other night, if they just didn't care that he was going to be gone again for a long time (1 year). I told him I didn't think it was that. I think they just need some time- this may be their own coping mechanisms- "I heard you but next summer/fall is too far away right now for me to think about right now."

Either way, they're resilient, and I love them!

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