01 April 2011


One of the wives in my husbands office is taking her Oath of Citizenship in a few minutes. She is very excited. I'm excited for her. Her husband is taking pictures of each step, stopping to take her photo at each sign on our way to the courtroom. He is excited, too.
She's done it the right way. All these people here today should be commended for taking the right steps by following the outlined laws to achieve US Citizenship. I wish those who are against immigration could see the faces of these people and see the excitement in their eyes. It is a shame to all of them or others to evade the system after all the waiting and all the paperwork.
There are people from all across the world- India, Mexico, Russia, Guatemala, Pakistan, Phillippeans, Ukraine, Venezuela, Iran, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Korea.
For some it's a bitter sweet day. Most of them, including this AF wife, are giving up their citizenship in their native land to become US citizens.
They're given a flag and told of it's meaning. A video presentation is shown with scenes from across America as the song "I'm Proud To Be An America" plays in the background. They wave their flags and it is hard not to be moved. There is a message from Pres Obama. And two new citizens share their thoughts and feelings about their journey to this point and they're feelings about today. They are grateful to this country for the many blessings and opportunities that they have received. The judge shares some remarks and the ceremony is done. Friends and family gather round their loved one and there are smiles and tears, hands shaken and embraces shared.
I'm proud to be an American and am grateful to have been part of this citizenship ceremony. It was a strong reminder to me of the great country I live in and love. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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