24 September 2013

Some of you remember how amazingly quick Hubby was able to leave AFG to get to see his Dad- who had congestive heart disease but was recently diagnosed with cancer. It's still up and down and he's going through another round of chemo after finding newer and more aggressive tumors. The AF has been so good to us- to send us to an assignment close to Hubby's dad so he can help with chemo appts and just spend time with him. Every moment has been so very special to our family and especially to Hubby. As congestive heart disease patient lives moment to moment and surgeries to explore tumors and other biopsies are scary because you have to come off all medications. I thought this was a great video and reaffirmed our decision to ask to be close to family at this time. It's definitely not a place we would have ever asked to go, but we're making it work and trying to find the good things about our new place.

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

16 September 2013

Quiet time

Things have died down a bit around here. ONE and THREE are in school. TWO is taking a bit of a break from homeschool at the moment. I finally have some quiet time!

I need to carve out a regular time to blog more. It seems like forever ago when I last posted.

We've transferred to a whole new world-New England. This will be our first "winter" in three years- having just come from the desert of Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. Not only is our environment totally different but we're living in a very small "village", total rural life- we're stacking wood for the winter to use as a supplement heat source, no fast food in town (which is a good thing in my opinion), the public library is very small, and everyone knows everyone. Much like Andy Griffith's Mayberry. 
But we're making things fun by getting out and exploring the area- found a couple good farmers markets, have been to the fair (where we saw the biggest ox ever- taller than hibby and I), and will start exploring some of the local retailers in next few weeks. We did find out the local ski resorts allow military free lift tickets, so we're trying to get the lids hyped about that. TWO wants nothing to do with the snow. It will make life pretty miserable if theres nothing of interest to do for all of winter. Im going to have to work on that. 

We also need to start looking into getting everyone outfitted for the colder weather. We have hats- thanks to all the crocheting I did while hubby was deployed. But we'll need actual cold weather gear suitable to withstand the harsh New England winters. We don't have anything heavier than sweatshirts/pants from our time in Vegas.

PCSing across the country isn't cheap by any means. Setting up a new house in new area where you have no utility history is expensive- we had to put down several deposits for water, power, and heating options out here are limited to oil, electric, and wood- no natural gas lines out where we are. We've had to buy wood for the winter an pre buy oil for the year. Crazy expensive. I don't know how the enlisted folks make it financially. 

On an up note: hubby received his second Bronze Star this week in front of all the cadets. It was pretty cool.

Anyway... my quiet time is no longer and its back to being Mom, referee, cook, nursemaid, and counselor. I'll post again sooner than last time.