19 October 2011

Online Schooling

TWO wasn't doing well in school.  And the teachers weren't helping as per the 504 we have- this has been an ongoing battle now in our second school year.  We knew we could do a much better job at home but struggled with the constant supervision Two would require and wondered if we should simply wait for the evaluation for an IEP and hope that TWO would qualify or scrap it all and switch to an online school.  It's called a Virtual Academy- like a charter school but online.

We went ahead and registered and this was our first week.  It's been a struggle. TWO does not do well with change- a symptom of what we suspect is an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  But I can't get too discouraged after only a couple days.  Things should start to fall into place and level out.  The academy supplied us with brand new computer, printer and accessories, and supplemental curriculum should arrive today or tomorrow. I'm quite impressed.  The parent company, K12.com,  is in several states.  So when a PSC comes around transferring shouldn't be a problem . 

We'll see how things pan out.  Today was better than yesterday so I should count my blessings.

06 October 2011

OSI Infirmary?

The OSI detachment's been hit pretty hard this year.  We have a serious diabetic, a new ovarian cancer diagnosis, a recent kidney transplant (Yea!!), and another agent who is having heart valve replacement real soon.  Hubby came home today and wondered what kind of Det he was running.  But he's a good man and is so ready to help these people.  Not just with whatever they need temporally, but also able to deal with their fears and concerns, their emotional needs.  They couldn't ask for a better commander.

Football Die Hards

Three and I went to One's football game and thoroughly enjoyed, even with the downpour we had! The rain wasn't so bad when we had the big beach umbrella to keep us dry.  I even remembered to bring a towel to sit on knowing the bleachers would be wet.  The team is undefeated so far.  And this game was no disappointment.  They won 36-12.